About Us

Leading distributor of high quality lubricants in Malaysia

Vicson Sdn Bhd was founded in 1989, since then it has been our goal to be one of the leading distributors of high quality lubricants in the Malaysian for the industrial and growing automotive markets. From the beginning, we’ve devoted ourselves to make this goal a reality.

We focus our entire efforts in sourcing the highest quality lubricants that designed to withstand greater load and better wear protection for tomorrow’s modern machinery and an environment friendly products for a better tomorrow living environment.

Vicson’s philosophy is to provide a solution to our value customer for their lubrication problems and not just a lubricants supplier. Driven by this philosophy in mind and the increasing demand for fully imported motor oil among the motorist, the younger generation is looking up and down in the cyber world sourcing and consulting in the forum for high performance motor oil, motorist is looking into motor oil that provide longer oil change, fuel efficiency, today cars are much powerful than yesterday thus motorist need a higher performance motor oil to satisfy their driving enjoyment as well the needs by the powerful engine! In 2010 September, we have acquire the distributorship right of AMSOIL – The First In Synthetic – a fully import motor oil from the USA for East and West Malaysia.

AMSOIL Inc is a corporation based in Superior, Wisconsin only formulating synthetic lubricants and nothing else therefore they are very focus in the developments of synthetic formulation as well they have to ensure their products are the best and innovative in order to survive in the present competitive market.

In 1972, Amsoil is the only First motor oil company to produce the world’s first API (Automotive Petroleum Institute) synthetic motor. Amsoil has always carryout intensive study on competitor’s motor oil performance and published details superiority of Amsoil over them. Amsoil motor oil has also clearly stated the service life of the motor oil on the specification this is an act of commitment and quality confident demonstrated by AMSOIL.

Furthermore, AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are very affordable by the general public motorist because “You pay for local price but enjoy benefits from a fully import products”