4T SAE 20W-50 Performance 100% Motorcycle Oil

Code: AS-5-MC5-QT

Reduces Heat and Protects Against Wear

  • Cools hot engines
  • Protects against wear
  • Delivers smooth shifts
  • Promotes quiet operation
  • Cleans engine components
  • Provides superior clutch performance

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Reduces Friction, Heat and Wear

AMSOIL 4T Performance Motorcycle Oil’s high-quality synthetic base oils naturally reduce friction better than mineral oils. Its outstanding high-temperature film strength and anti-wear additives reduce engine and transmission wear regardless of operating conditions. It is thermally (heat) stable and contains oxidation-inhibitor additives that help maintain proper lubrication, even in extreme heat. AMSOIL 4T Performance Motorcycle Oil’s excellent friction-reduction and heat-transfer properties help keep engines running cool.

Smooth, Confident Shifts

AMSOIL 4T Performance Motorcycle Oil promotes smooth shifting and positive wet-clutch engagement. It is engineered to control heat and prevent slippage and glazing, promoting long clutch life.

Excellent Engine Cleanliness

High-revving, hot-running motorcycle engines can accumulate performance-robbing engine deposits. AMSOIL 4T Performance Motorcycle Oil contains advanced detergency additives that help clean critical engine components, neutralize harmful acids and reduce deposits for maximum performance.

Helps Reduce Oil Consumption

Volatility refers to a lubricant’s tendency to evaporate when exposed to high heat. Motor oils that volatilize more readily lead to increased oil consumption, which requires motorcycle owners to frequently top-off their oil. Volatility also leads to increased oil viscosity, which negatively affects energy efficiency. AMSOIL 4T Performance Motorcycle Oil features low volatility, meaning it helps reduce oil consumption and maintains its viscosity for optimum performance.

Delivers Superior Corrosion Protection

Motorcycles are prone to corrosion from humidity and short drives. Corrosion can cause major damage, such as uncontrolled wear, compression loss and blow-by. Good corrosion protection, however, comes by design and is not natural to motor oils. Unlike many motorcycle oils, AMSOIL 100% Synthetic 4T Performance Motorcycle Oil contains special anti-corrosion agents that deliver superior corrosion protection. It provides outstanding protection from acid corrosion and helps maintain engine cleanliness.

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