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High-performance engines run at extreme temperatures and under intense stress, particularly if they are turbocharged. The added heat and pressure invites engine wear and formation of harmful sludge if the oil isn’t formulated for this intense environment. AMSOIL Extreme Power 100% Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated to deliver outstanding wear protection and resistance to oil consumption, even in severe conditions. It is a high-performance lubricant designed for street-driven vehicles

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Resists Oil Consumption

High heat can cause some oils to volatilize (boil-off), leading to oil consumption and tailpipe emissions. AMSOIL Extreme Power 100% Synthetic Motor Oil is formulated with premium synthetic base oils that naturally resist boil-off in the presence of extreme heat. It minimizes oil consumption, reducing the need to frequently top-off the engine with fresh oil.

Promotes Long Engine Life

As oil passes between metal surfaces, such as the piston ring/cylinder wall interface, the intense pressure can shear the molecular structure of the oil, causing it to lose viscosity. Oil that has sheared may not develop a consistent, effective lubricating film to protect against wear. AMSOIL Extreme Power 100% Synthetic Motor Oil resists viscosity loss due to shear to deliver outstanding wear protection and long engine life.

Maximum Power

Over time, wear and deposits reduce engine efficiency and rob engines of horsepower. AMSOIL Extreme Power Synthetic Motor Oil guards against deposits and wear, helping keep engines in peak condition for maximum power.

Clean Engines

AMSOIL Extreme Power Synthetic Motor Oil doesn’t contain the unstable, light molecules inherent to conventional oils. It helps reduce oil consumption, particularly in extreme-heat conditions, maximizing engine cleanliness. It is formulated with potent detergents that fight harmful deposits. Clean engines run more efficiently and last longer.

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