High-Temperature Protection and Performance
AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are much more stable in high temperatures than are refined oils and other synthetic oils. Their superior heat stability reduces the rates of oil consumption, lubricant breakdown and lubricant oxidation, which keeps oil consumption low; equipment clean, protected and running right; and extends lubricant life.
Cold-Temperature Protection and Performance
AMSOIL synthetic lubricants remain fluid in temperatures far below zero, allowing dependable engine start-up, fast lubrication, dependable protection and maximum fuel economy in severe cold operation.
Increased Efficiency
AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are superior to refined oils and other synthetic oils in reducing friction, helping lubricated systems use fuel energy for work, not for overcoming drag. Superior friction reduction, as well as lower volatility rates, also helps keep exhaust emissions low.
Longer Engine and Equipment Life
AMSOIL synthetic lubricants' heat stability and friction reducing ability keep wear rates low, which helps increase the time to first teardown, increases the interval between teardowns and increases overall equipment life.
Extended Lubricant Drain Intervals
AMSOIL synthetic lubricants offer up to eight times the service life offered by refined lubricants, and sometimes even more. The long life of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants reduces costs, downtime, waste and environmental damage.
Product Line
AMSOIL manufactures synthetic lubricants, advanced filtration systems, fuel additives and coolant for virtually every commercial, industrial and automotive application.
Quality Control
AMSOIL synthetic lubricants are manufactured from top quality synthetic base stocks and performance additives according to a stringent quality control protocol in computer- controlled AMSOIL manufacturing facilities. AMSOIL synthetic lubricants may be counted on to deliver the same top-quality performance and protection every time they are used, no matter where in the world they are purchased.
AMSOIL formulated the first API-qualified motor oil in the world and has more experience formulating synthetic lubricants than any other manufacturer in the world. AMSOIL leads the industry in product quality and innovation.