If we are like most people across the global car-driving community, then we definitely don't enjoy getting the oil changed in our vehicles frequently, although some of us are do-it-yourself types, doing oil changes is not the most enjoyable or satisfying job. The purpose of this website is to familiarize us with AMSOIL Synthetic oils, and expose ourselves of what is possible with top-quality synthetic oils. For many years, the so called 'divine' mantra passed down by generations from the automotive experts was to change the oil every three months or 3,000 miles (5000 km). We used to subscribe to this doctrine ourselves, but since we have become a synthetic oil user ourselves, and more specifically an AMSOIL User, that piece of 'wisdom' seems patently ludicrous to us now! Not only that, but we now see what an enormous waste of our limited resources it is, and what an unnecessary impact on the environment it is. Even with conventional oils, the 3/3000 recommendation is overly conservative from an engine protection point of view, but with synthetics, it's plain irresponsible. Given an good example that if we each have 4 vehicles in our household, so if we didn't seeking advantage of extended drain intervals offered by AMSOIL synthetics, we, like everybody else, will be changing oil in one car or another at least once per month! The above reasons had indicated that AMSOIL Synthetic Oils are truly the 'green' alternative we've been looking for.

AMSOIL produces a wide variety of oils that are suitable for just about every vehicle on the road today. Even the newer cars that call for a 5W-30 or 0W-30 oil can use an AMSOIL product that exactly matches the requirements set forth by the manufacturer. AMSOIL oils are fully synthetic oils that use PAO base stocks and the highest quality additives available. The high quality of AMSOIL's products combined with the physical advantages enjoyed by all synthetic oils results in motor oil that can protect our car's engine for a minimum of 12 months or 30,000 miles (48,000 km).